Five Affordable Beef Sisig Places

Filipinos who love their meat also love some sisig. Sisig can either be pork, beef, chicken, fish or even veggies. It can be anything that you want it to be with just a great tongue to taste it with a creative mind to make a recipe. Pork sisig is pretty common, that’s why I’m here to give you a list of where to find affordable beef sisig places!


If you’re a “sisig is life” person, here’s to you and here’s the list:

1. Miguelito’s (Sm Megamall, Mandaluyong City)

Are you always around the mall and you suddenly had a sisig craving? You can drop by at Miguelito’s! Their beef sisig is not just ordinary beef. They serve it using Angus beef. Is it expensive? It’s actually really affordable. Their serving can be for two and it’s only for under Php 300.

(Image from Miguelito’ s Facebook page)

2. Chicken Bacolod (Katipunan Ave., Quezon City)

If your date is craving for an Ilonggo dish and you want some beef sisig, going here would be hitting two birds with one stone! They can serve some mean bacolod chicken inasal and you can have have your beef sisig both with unlimited rice! Their beef sisig serving is for Php 323 which isn’t too bad considering that it has unlimited rice along with it.

(Image from Bacolod Chicken’ s Facebook page)

3. The Meeting Plate (Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City)

Their beef sisig is a crowd favorite! All of their fans are mostly looking for their sisigs and their beef one is considered as one of their bests in the menu. It costs only Php 215 and their serving is pretty generous. Try and see!

(Image from The Meeting Plate’ s Facebook page)

4. The Smoking Joint (Magallanes, Makati City)

Now, their beef sisig has a twist. They don’t have Angus beef, but they have corned beef sisig! It’s pretty unique and you can have their corned beef sisig for Php 355 with a generous serving.

(Image from The Smoking Joint’ s Facebook page)

5. Baboy Party (Sampol Market, San Jose Del Monte)

Have you ever wondered why is it always mayo that’s being put on sisig and not cheese? Well, maybe if you’re interested to know, they can surely cater to your cheese sisig craving! It costs Php 399 to avail the sisig along with an unlimited serving of samgyeopsal. The cheese is free so don’t be shy to ask for more.

(Image from Baboy Party’ s Facebook page)

You’re probably mouthwatering now. Go on and try these affordable beef sisig places!