Taal Evacuees Had Fun Wearing Their Fancy Clothes From Donations

Despite the hardships evacuees are now experiencing at evacuation centers in Batangas, they still find a reason to have fun. This was after they wore the clothes that they received from donations. In a Facebook post from the We Love Philippines page, the evacuees tried the clothes donated for the Taal victims. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Metro-Deal-Large-Screen”] Some of the donated clothes are school uniforms or uniforms of various occupations such as nurse, security guard, and so on. There are also donations for formal occasions as well as dance costumes.

Ginang Nakaipon Ng Php. 160,000 Dahil Lang Sa Pagtitinda Ng Ice Candy


Isang ginang na nagngangalang Riz Red Moreno ang nagbahagi ng kanyang ipon. Php. 165,000 dahil lamang sa pagtitinda ng ice candy. Isa sa mga nakainspired sa kanya na makapagipon ay ang Peso Sense, isang Facebook page na nagbibigay ng libreng tips tungkol sa pagtitipod at pagiipon ng pera. Ibinihagi din niya sa page na ito ang kanyang naipon na talaga namang nakakainspired lalo na sa panahon ngayon na maraming tuksong bilihin at pagkain. Si Riz Red Moreno ay nakapag ipon ng ganun kalaking halaga gamit  lang ang kanyang dalawang kaserola…

Always Check Your Device If It’s Working Properly, Power Bank Allegedly Just Exploded Without Known Cause

Power bank

A smartphone’ s battery , no matter how large the capacity is, sometimes is still not enough to last for a day. This normally happens due to different applications that are being run on it. However, it’s not always possible to charge our phone. Especially if we are outside of our house or office wherein there is no power source. For that reason, power bank has been made. It serves as an extended battery, a mobile power outlet and a charger under the same device. With it, you are sure…

The Other Side Of Online Shopping, Delivery Man Waited For The Customer For An Hour

Shopping online using the internet via app or web browser is one of the trends nowadays. Consumers find it more convenient for them to just browse products, pay, and wait for the items to be delivered to them rather than go to crowded malls and wait in line just to purchase things. Besides, the prices in online shops are a lot cheaper compared with malls (sometimes up to 80% off, such a big savings!). However,  online shopping sometimes are not convenient. Things like wrong items received, defective products, delay in…