Always Check Your Device If It’s Working Properly, Power Bank Allegedly Just Exploded Without Known Cause

Power bank

A smartphone’ s battery , no matter how large the capacity is, sometimes is still not enough to last for a day. This normally happens due to different applications that are being run on it. However, it’s not always possible to charge our phone. Especially if we are outside of our house or office wherein there is no power source. For that reason, power bank has been made. It serves as an extended battery, a mobile power outlet and a charger under the same device. With it, you are sure that your phone’ s power will last for more than a day.

But just like other electronic device, it is prone to damage especially if it’s not being handled with care or if it is a substandard product. Inside the power bank is a pair of lithium ion batteries that are prone to fire and may cause explosion. Speaking of an exploding power bank, a netizen shared a post regarding her power bank that allegedly exploded.

Power bank

According to Jarmine Molina, the power bank just exploded while on a table (not being charged).  They thought that it was due to a short circuit explosion but was surprised that it is their 10,000 mAh capacity Romoss Power Bank that caused the explosion and smoke.

Power bank exploded

The explosion also damaged her other things. She mentioned that it is a 3 year old power bank that was given to her sister as gift.  Jarmine said she is not sure if the power bank is really a product of Romoss  or a fake one.

She warned everyone to always check if their power bank is working properly or in good condition and if not , just dispose it properly for their safety.

As of now, her post has around 5,000 shares. Below is her post with link.

Power bank post