How Will Our Streets Be If We Still Use The Ancient Filipino Script “Baybayin?”

Have you ever wondered how our streets will look like if we still use “Baybayin?” A digital artist’s post is now viral on social media. In the said post he has replaced the letters on the street signs with “Baybayin.”

“Baybayin” is an ancient Filipino script used by our ancestors before the Spanish colonization.

Gian Dominic wondered how our streets will be if we still use the Ancient Filipino Script “Baybayin.” Will it be good? Or will it confuse us? With this in mind, he used his talent in digital arts to create a a possible appearance of our surroundings if we use “Baybayin” in street and establishments signs.

He shared his work publicly by uploading some pictures in Facebook. Netizens immediately noticed this and have posted 64,000 reactions. The post has now reached over 56,000 shares.

“Bago matapos ang 2019,naging curious ako kung anong magiging itsura ng paligid kung nag stay yung sarili nating writing system. Sa sobrang curious ko, nagsimula ako ng series ng artworks para ma satisfy ko yung curiosity sa isip ko hahaha.” Gian Dominic says.

Gian further said that he is a big fan of “Baybayin” but is not an expert. He hopes that they can just let some of the text errors pass for the time being.

“Baybayin” is derived from the word “baybay” which means to spell out. It has 3 vowels, 14 consonants and is considered to be ancient script of our native Filipinos.